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Post-acute rehabilitation, cardiac care, assisted living, memory care, independent living and comprehensive home care.



With today’s changing healthcare delivery models, innovation and disruption are essential for sustainability.  Objective, connected care without fragments and silos that provides effective and efficient care through coordination and accountability.



  • Path physiology, treatments, and medical nutrition

  • Therapy standards of practice

  • Physician adoption of EHR

  • Improve the GAP by implementing technology in to the environment of care

  • Improving the patient experience

  • Strengthening the relationship between provider, patients and families

  • Identify and remove barriers to health literacy

  • Transitional patient care

  • Connected care among care providers


We identified and brought dimension to the target markets by developing a platform that combines insights into consumer segments, industry shifts and their point of integration with care providers. Developing industry models, we pioneered new, innovative and interactive approaches to translate new concepts. We implemented simplified consumer empowering methodologies that engaged providers across an entire episode of care. 



  • Never seen before concepts

  • Transitioning a standardized perception

  • Targets being skeptical towards technology

  • Healthcare reform having everyone confused and disengaged

  • Bridging technologies between providers

  • Appropriately articulating a complex vision and getting the buy-in from investors and stakeholders

  • Creating a brand that moves away from all stereotypes

  • Changing the poor perception of post-acute care and assisted living industry



  • Creating and marketing a brand based on never seen before concepts in an industry with many negative stereotypes

  • Changing brand perceptions that entirely move away from traditional healthcare delivery, while at the same time maintaining consumer confidence, buy-in and trust

  • One of the main focuses was the incorporation of a technology platform that coordinates and interconnects everything digitally. Though that is the ideal of the care delivery shift and greatly improves care outcomes, it was a challenge since the target demographic is more comfortable with traditional means of care

  • Articulating to and enabling investors, employees, stakeholders, partners and the consumer to understand the concept and importance of the new care delivery model

  • Designing visual business models that connect care in direct relation to payers & payees, while building confidence in the new concept

  • Creating a brand that will articulate the concept and how it is different from traditional care delivery

  • Market a patient experience, that has never been seen before



  • Patients did not know what to expect and had no comparison

  • Patients were confused about transitional care concepts

  • Patients were not proactive and confident in preconceived care delivery

  • Caregivers and family members felt helpless understanding care paths

  • Patient engagement and education was low


  • Patient empowerment

  • Patient education

  • Simplified pathways for patient navigation

  • Connected care between providers

  • Strategic partners for market disruption


This product is the best and most advanced in the industry. By marketing to the correct segments, empowering the consumer to demand better and by educating on standards of care delivery, we gained market share being the only provider to meet these demands.  Once the brand had been established, proven patient outcomes spoke for themselves.  We found creative and interactive ways to convey results to decision makers including patients, caregivers and care providers.


Engaging patients & caregivers:


•   Shaped consumer perception through industry education and brand awareness efforts, allowing patients to understand a new standard of care.

•   Gave presentations at residential communities, to further consumer education and providing residents with the opportunity to experience a snapshot of the brand and interact with representatives developing trust and a better understanding of the brand, culture and experience.

•   Created an innovative brand that is a recognized industry “game-changer”, reflecting this message within marketing efforts and environment of care elements.


•   Successfully implemented an employee culture that reflects the brand promise, also empowering staff as front-line sales leaders.


Engaging industry partners and stakeholders:

•   Attracted investors through effective articulation of industry models showing uniquely positioned opportunities.

•   Effectively created co-branded efforts with industry partners that included writing industry analysis reports and white papers.


•   Effectively articulated, pioneering  care delivery models and integrated technology to consumer.

•   Retained and marketed increased efficiency and patient outcomes, bringing value to partners through connected care delivery models.


•   Developed stakeholder relationships enabling the evolution of new products and concepts for care delivery.

MESSAGE, inspired living. Getting healthy in the most effective and efficient way.



Care providers and caregivers:

  • Patient centered care

  • Transparent & interconnected care delivery

  • Best patient outcomes with decreased length of stay

  • Continued care models to ensure long-term results

  • Patient engagement

  • Patient experience

  • Care team culture

  • Coordinated relationships for complete care delivery


Environment of Care:

  • Advancing the environment of care

  • Systems integration brings operational efficiency

  • Converged systems that enhance care delivery

  • Care coordination through technology

  • Embracing technology to create an advanced, fully integrated post-acute care system

  • Empowering the organization through the consistent use of a “Balanced Scorecard” (Best Practice & Outcome Metrics reporting system) that integrates a unique strategic approach and performance management system

  • Embracing “Culture Change” throughout the organization to enhance the quality of life and outcomes for our patients, staff, and families

  • Leveraging the use of “Technology” to create competitive advantages through improved efficiencies, accuracy and satisfaction for patients and providers.

Signature programs:

  • Out patient program

  • Fall prevention guide

  • Patient navigator folder

  • Build out of social services program (patient care coordinator)


  • Staff recruitment

  • Investor relations

  • Industry partners & stakeholders

  • Strategic care providers

  • Patients

  • Caregivers

Advertisement Channels

  • Hospitals

  • Community events

  • Residential communities

  • Billboards

  • Magazines

  • Movie Theaters

  • Digital



  • Flyers

  • Main collateral

  • Leave behinds

  • Note pads

  • Pens

  • Flash drives


PR  & Presentations

  • Community presentation displays

  • ACO presentations

  • Community events


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