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With extensive experience, we have successfully empowered our clients to build the most effective and efficient solutions. Though we are always learning, and evolving within new industries, we have extensive insight and knowledge within the following industries. 


Innovation and process are how we have maximized our client’s goals, ensure, and surpassed completion of all objectives

We emphasize experience and insight and staying at the forefront of economic shifts. Our clients have lead major trends becoming recognized brands that scale from local to international.



Logistics & Supply Chain

Successfully representing companies in Europe and the US, we have built brands and communicated the importance of quality and precision within this industry. Focusing on logistic brands that encompass procurement, distribution, maintenance, and inventory management.  These companies excelled in current markets as well as gained significant market-share within new countries.  Our solutions included brand design and evolution, strategic partnerships, B2C and B2B visibility.


We have worked with several healthcare leaders and innovators.  The healthcare landscape is constantly changing because of its many layers.  Through experience, we have unique insight and understanding of the different healthcare models.  The industry constantly demands offering a better product for less.  We have successfully designed brands that reflect innovation and consulted on creating strategies based on care efficiency, improved environments of care while designing cultures and models that increased patient satisfaction.  This continuum of care included the leveraging and formations of stakeholder relationships.

Real Estate

Working with a range of individual realtors, boutique and larger scale firms that included some of the worlds most recognized real estate brands, our understanding is very in-depth.  Realtors, having to constantly compete and stay on the forefront of their markets, are permanently challenged to differentiate and innovate.  Our solutions have enabled industry leaders to succeed through design of specialized campaigns, national brand positioning as well as consulting on innovative technology to shape networks, bringing competitive advantages.


Working with law firms in different legal practices we understand the demands of the industry and its challenges. We have helped firms assess their brand performance, identify areas of improvement, bring competitive perceptions and quantify investments in their brand.  Within our solutions we successfully addressed the challenges of client education, content marketing, SEO strategies, visibility and brand differentiation.

Professional Sports

We have represented several athletic clients competing at the professional level.  This includes NFL players, boxers and equestrians.  Understanding the dual versatility of investment, personal brands and endorsements, we have helped athletes leverage their personal images and personal brands.   This lead to favorable endorsements, increased media with maximized perception, and successfully consulting on investment opportunities.  We anchor our perception on finding value in the athlete as a person and creating long-term solutions that will sustain beyond their athletic prime.


Working with some of the leading fashion brands, we have designed brand labels for celebrities and start-up brands.  In addition we have also facilitated and consulted major fashion retailers on integration into different global markets.  With the industry demand of seasonal merchandising, changing styles and business model evolutions, we have also consulted on keeping brands competitive and ensuring sustainability.

Brand Development for Startup businesses and small businesses

Verati has excelled in developing brands and niche marketing strategies which is the focus of a small business or a start-up company.  By providing unique solutions that are based on industry research and consider salability, Verati is able to successfully identify the success variables required between identifying  purpose and achieving objectives.

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